Apr. 21st, 2017 06:43 pm
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I know I've been absent from both LJ and DW, but lately, I have seen a number of friends subscribe to my journals here.

Is something happening lately?
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The crazy temporary setup I had to power the fluorescent lamps under the loft has been redone. Much more to "code" now. ;-)

I still need to move the workbench back a few feet to meet that post, but I cannot do it myself. Unfortunately, I have nobody to help me whatsoever...

The outlet strip on the wall is setup to either be powered at all times, or can be switched on and off with the light switch by the door. Just move the switch above it to choose which I want.

There is even a receptacle on that post to power an electric space heater during the cold winter months. I will be putting some clear plastic sheet over the area and the bench to keep the heat under the loft and make working in there a little more comfortable.

I also need to install a new furnace in the main area of the barn. Actually, it is not new, but the old Propane fired furnace I had in the house before I switched to a Geothermal heat pump. It is much more efficient than the one I have been heating the barn with. It will take MUCH work to install, so I may need help with that. I guess I will call the company that installed it in the first place...

At any rate, it should keep the heating bill down. 96% efficient over 80% is certainly an improvement.
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I know this post is long overdue, but here it is!

Everything worked out fine and it is home safe and sound. The only issue was it was pouring down rain when i picked it up, and the rain would NOT let up! So, it got a little wet. Some of the finish was affected, but there wasn't much I could do.

All the tubes have been tested. All are good except for a few. here is the rundown...

My poor Jackson 648-1T got a very thorough workout!

6C8G 1 of 12 has a bad section. Heater does not light up on one triode.
6W7G 1 of 132 (Yes, 132!) is slightly weak, but probably will work just fine.
6J7G 1 of 3 has a Heater-Cathode short (one of the three is actually a 1620)
6J5 all 3 good, two are metal
6K6 2 good, one has broken key
5Y3 2 of 3 missing
5V4G missing

56 2 good
2A3 4 good
5Z3 good

All of the tubes have grease pencil markings of being tested previously. From the markings, it looks to me that they were tested on a Hickock made military TV-7 tube tester
I could have retested them on my own TV-7, but I feel the Jackson with its Gas/Grid Leakage test did just fine. Plus it has a sensitive short test.

The power supply has issues. I'm not sure what is going on with the wires coming through two of the rectifier tube sockets, but it needs to be sorted out.

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Things are progressing. I have it all setup to get the Hammond Novachord on the 16th which will be next Friday. I still would like someone to go with me, but I understand that it is a difficult thing to ask of my friends. Needless to say, whoever goes with me will need Friday and Saturday off.

I'm working on a place to put the beast. Loriana's Horrible Freight Mill-Drill has been moved to the garage door. All 750 pounds of it. Ready to be somehow loaded in my van to take with me and drop it off.

I also have been removing the row of radios stacked along the wall next to my loft. They were in rather sad shape to begin with, however being that I never really properly cleaned the floor in the garage, it was covered in a good dusting of soil. Due to the fact that I bought a piece of farmland, the soil had been well fertilized. This soil has significant amount of mold which grew on the radios stacked along the wall. This yellow/white powdery mold LOVES the glue which hold the wood together, so needless to say, they were literally falling apart!
As they were stacked, the ones on top were left unharmed. Only the bottom ones were affected. Anyhow, the ones not worth dealing with were dismantled and burned.

I am currently working on properly cleaning the place up and making it useful again. I just started putting up 7/16" OSB board on the wall and will continue to make a spot to set the new addition to my collection. I will not allow the same fate to happen to my historic musical instrument as happened to those radios!

Click on image for larger version.

As you can see, the floor is MUCH cleaner and there is finally a covering on the wall! Its not finished, but soon will be.

So, an update of sorts. Hopefully more to come.
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Isn't this amazing? a Dreamwidth post from Aerofox?

OK, now that that is out of the way, anyone remember this post on Livejournal I made in September 2009? Almost 4 years ago?

Well, out of the blue, one came up for sale at a price I could easily afford. I left a deposit on it and will be getting it soon.
I'm just simply astounded! This is gonna be one heck of a project! As rare as these are and how few exist, let alone working, it will be a worthwhile endeavour I believe.

A polyphonic synthesizer from the 1930s. Just amazing!
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Thursday, they came to start installing my Geothermal heating/cooling system to get me off of Propane and away from that *CENSORED* company! They arrived about 9:00 AM and soon were digging.

Here is a picture of the area they are installing before.

And after they started.

They dug two 5 ft deep trenches and laid plastic piping coiled up in the bottom.

They also used an amazing horizontal boring machine to dig a hole from the connecting trench to the house 200+ feet away! This went under the driveway and a tree.

They used a device which kept track of where the drill bit was at all times. It even told how deep it was!

This help guide the bit to its target, a hole dug next to the house.

Then they pulled two large plastic pipes back through the hole with the bit.

here are a couple pictures of this drill bit. One wicked looking thing!

They still have to finish some of the excavating work as well as repair a 6 inch clay tile they cut through. The part that worries me is the supply and return lines are threaded through the same hole. One warm, the other cold. They are side by side for the 200+ feet from the house to the ground loop. I thought they were supposed to be separated to keep the energy from being lost?

They will return on Monday to finish up the installation. New furnace and new water heater.

More to come! ^_^


Apr. 27th, 2010 08:37 pm
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205 CQA Lake Field - Celina, OH
215 DLZ Delaware, OH
230 BU Boutn - Columbus, OH
239 HKF Hook Field - Middletown, OH
260 BYN Bryan, OH
282 OXD Oxford, OH
283 PT Pelee Island, Canada
299 HW Cubla - Wilmington, OH
316 AT ??
335 LUK Cincinnati, OH
341 CCJ Clark CO. - Springfield, OH
347 ANQ Angola, IN
350 FV ??
356 VES Versailles, OH (Strongest)
359 AMT West Union, OH
362 LYL Lima, OH
365 JN ??
376 MDE Maderi - Cincinnati, OH
377 LC ??
379 FZI Fostoria, OH
385 UWL New Castle, IN
391 CM Sumie - Columbus, OH
395 AI Anderson, IN
398 HFY Greenwood - Indianapolis, IN
400 XW Flemingsburg, KY
411 VFU Stanley - Van Wert, OH
414 CSS Washington Court House, OH
417 HHG Huntington, IN
419 RYS Grosse Ile - Detroit, MI
423 PCW Port Clinton, OH
515 OS Fuler - Columbus, OH
524 HEH Newark, OH


Apr. 24th, 2010 07:47 pm
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Well, here I am. Thanks 'Tivo! :)


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