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Thursday, they came to start installing my Geothermal heating/cooling system to get me off of Propane and away from that *CENSORED* company! They arrived about 9:00 AM and soon were digging.

Here is a picture of the area they are installing before.

And after they started.

They dug two 5 ft deep trenches and laid plastic piping coiled up in the bottom.

They also used an amazing horizontal boring machine to dig a hole from the connecting trench to the house 200+ feet away! This went under the driveway and a tree.

They used a device which kept track of where the drill bit was at all times. It even told how deep it was!

This help guide the bit to its target, a hole dug next to the house.

Then they pulled two large plastic pipes back through the hole with the bit.

here are a couple pictures of this drill bit. One wicked looking thing!

They still have to finish some of the excavating work as well as repair a 6 inch clay tile they cut through. The part that worries me is the supply and return lines are threaded through the same hole. One warm, the other cold. They are side by side for the 200+ feet from the house to the ground loop. I thought they were supposed to be separated to keep the energy from being lost?

They will return on Monday to finish up the installation. New furnace and new water heater.

More to come! ^_^
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