Oct. 6th, 2013

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The crazy temporary setup I had to power the fluorescent lamps under the loft has been redone. Much more to "code" now. ;-)

I still need to move the workbench back a few feet to meet that post, but I cannot do it myself. Unfortunately, I have nobody to help me whatsoever...

The outlet strip on the wall is setup to either be powered at all times, or can be switched on and off with the light switch by the door. Just move the switch above it to choose which I want.

There is even a receptacle on that post to power an electric space heater during the cold winter months. I will be putting some clear plastic sheet over the area and the bench to keep the heat under the loft and make working in there a little more comfortable.

I also need to install a new furnace in the main area of the barn. Actually, it is not new, but the old Propane fired furnace I had in the house before I switched to a Geothermal heat pump. It is much more efficient than the one I have been heating the barn with. It will take MUCH work to install, so I may need help with that. I guess I will call the company that installed it in the first place...

At any rate, it should keep the heating bill down. 96% efficient over 80% is certainly an improvement.


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