Aug. 10th, 2013

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Things are progressing. I have it all setup to get the Hammond Novachord on the 16th which will be next Friday. I still would like someone to go with me, but I understand that it is a difficult thing to ask of my friends. Needless to say, whoever goes with me will need Friday and Saturday off.

I'm working on a place to put the beast. Loriana's Horrible Freight Mill-Drill has been moved to the garage door. All 750 pounds of it. Ready to be somehow loaded in my van to take with me and drop it off.

I also have been removing the row of radios stacked along the wall next to my loft. They were in rather sad shape to begin with, however being that I never really properly cleaned the floor in the garage, it was covered in a good dusting of soil. Due to the fact that I bought a piece of farmland, the soil had been well fertilized. This soil has significant amount of mold which grew on the radios stacked along the wall. This yellow/white powdery mold LOVES the glue which hold the wood together, so needless to say, they were literally falling apart!
As they were stacked, the ones on top were left unharmed. Only the bottom ones were affected. Anyhow, the ones not worth dealing with were dismantled and burned.

I am currently working on properly cleaning the place up and making it useful again. I just started putting up 7/16" OSB board on the wall and will continue to make a spot to set the new addition to my collection. I will not allow the same fate to happen to my historic musical instrument as happened to those radios!

Click on image for larger version.

As you can see, the floor is MUCH cleaner and there is finally a covering on the wall! Its not finished, but soon will be.

So, an update of sorts. Hopefully more to come.


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